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Tony and Caroline’s Wedding

Photos posted! These photos are particularly special to me because I thought I lost my camera on the bus ride home. Luckily the nice folks over at Austin Charter Services found it. Photos + camera… saved! You won’t be able to tell, but it is HOT in Austin. The girls pull off their dresses spectacularly.

Getting Turned On

Found my notes from the Jack Welch interview at MIT while cleaning out my backpack… Here are some of my favorite quotes.

“Slap yourself if you ever become a bore, turn people on!”

“I’ve never seen anyone win with a career plan. I’ve only seen people win with passion.”

“Pay the best tons. Don’t give them a plaque, give them money. Don’t pay the bottom… and take care of the middle.”

“Don’t be afraid to tell people when they stink.”

The full interview of JW with Dean Schmittlein:

Wood and Museums

Headed down to DC this past weekend to kick it with the Tanaka family, Lu, Chris, and Joanna. The rain made it quite an adventure, but overall a great weekend. Good beer, free museums, and some pretty fantastic crafts.

Most importantly, Koji killed it. Congrats man. Awesome show. See all the pics here.