Look Into My Eyes

I got this email from my mother when I was out in NY this past weekend with some advice. I always enjoy these. I hope you do too.

Subject: take good care of eyes..

We used to use computer a lot, I remembered the common sense
1. We need to off-computer every hour, go walk or do something else so that you won’t stair at screen for so long to let your eyes have good rest.
2. See something green (tree, grass)
3. Eat carrot or food good for eyes
4. Have good light when read the book
5. Do not read book while you lie down or sleep that’s will hurt your eyes

Dad, please correct me if I were wrong. Maybe we should get tips from eye Dr.

Love mom

FYI, I had lots of carrots for dinner and hung out on the porch checking out green stuff tonight. NY was awesome, but I love SF. Photos to come in a later post.

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