Google the Spot

Inspired by Keyvan’s blog on getting Googled, I wanted to figure out what cool terms would lead you to CharlesSpot. I must say, I wasn’t nearly as popular as Keyvan. All I found (aside from the obvious keywords like “charles spot” and “charlesspot”) was that CharlesSpot was number 4 with the keyword “best running shoes for flat feet bow-legged”. Sweet.

Norton & Craigmont Reunion

I wouldn’t call myself particularly lucky… but in terms of the people I met my freshman year at Berkeley while living on floor 2 of Norton, a guy can’t get any luckier. Good times with some awesome people.

good times

Found some old school pictures here as well.

Update: More pictures – Lindsay’s pictures

Another Great Message

Once again my mom seems to really know how to send a message….

Subject: Tips for How to win friends and influence people
If you could not open the .pdf file in previous email, you could also use this URL.
Please don’t distribute this URL since it is under my name.


Needless to say, I downloaded the .pdf. If you are in need of more influence I’ll send you the .pdf. If you are in need of more friends… I’ll be your friend.